Ashapower Apollo 60 Mppt Solar Charge Controller Price

Ashapower Apollo 60 Mppt Solar Charge Controller Price

ASHAPOWER® APOLLO-60 Solar MPPT Charge Controllers are multi voltage range devices that are unique in its kind in the market. The same device can be used for battery banks ranging from 2 Batteries (24V) up to a battery bank of 6 batteries (72V) in series. The battery voltage is selected by the device itself when we connect the battery bank across its terminal.

The device gives a configurable charging current up to 60A.The Max PV panel input open circuit voltage up to 220V makes it easier to group the panels conveniently. Also, sleek & stylish design of the product gives a better aesthetic view so that you can wall mount the product in a visible place inside your home or office.


Model Apollo – 40 Vers.3.3
Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 230V
Max PV Array Power 4800W


Nominal Battery Voltage 24/36/48/60/72 (Auto Setting)
Battery Required 2/3/4 /5/6 (Auto Setting)
Maximum Charging Current 60A (Configurable)
Maximum Tracking Efficiency 98.90%
Standby Power Consumption <1.5W


Overload Protection
Over Charge Protection
Panel Reverse Polarity Protection
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection Optional


Dimensions – LxWxH (mm) 318x215x112
Net Weight (Kgs) 3.3Kgs.
Connector Input / Output Terminal Block

There are a number of protections that the Solar Charge Controller ensures. Solar Charge Controller stops reverse current flow from battery to solar array, it provides load short circuit protection, it provides Battery/Panel reverse protection through DC fuse and Overload protection also.Solar charge controller is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking battery charger for Photo-Voltaic (PV) systems.


● Compatible for 24/36/48/60/72 Battery Bank
● Auto-Detection and setting of Battery Bank.
● Smart charging for prolonged battery life.
● Ultra-fast & efficient (98.9%) power point tracking.
● PV panel reverse polarity protection.
● Automatic disconnection of PV panels at night.
● Over voltage protection from PV panel.
● Protection for battery against hardware failures.
● Over charging & overload protection.

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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