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Bluebird BBS 850 PWM Solar Inverter Price

Bluebird BBS 850 PWM Solar Inverter Price

Bluebird solar inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger & transfer switch into one complete system. The inverter allows optimizing the solar power having extremely low idle current & has option of remotely monitoring the power and battery which helps customers to evaluate the performance of the solar system.

The Solar Inverter is a critical component in solar energy system. It performs the conversion of variable DC Output of Photovoltaic (PV) modules into a clean sine Wave of 50 Hz AC current that is applied directly to the commercial electrical grid or to a local of grid solar network

Model BBS 850
Capacity 850 VA
Battery 12 V
solar panel capacity 500 W
Solar.charge.controller rating 30 A
Output/voltage 230 V ac
User selection mode UPS / inverter Mode
Charging logic On priority the system will charge from solar still sufficient solar current is available when solar current drop to below set. Then shared charging is activated and to balance current is taken from  grid
Warranty 1  Year

Input Parameter

UPS Mode Inverter Mode
Acceptable voltage range 185 – 265 Vac 110-290 V
Low  voltage cutoff 180 ± 5 V 110 ± 10 V
Low  voltage recovery 190 ± 5 V 120 ± 10 V
High Voltage cutoff 265  ± 5 V 290 ± 10 V
High Voltage recovery 255 ± 5 V 275 ± 10 V
frequency 50 ± 5  Hz 50 ± 5  Hz

output parameters

Voltage.Regulation.on.Mains Same As Input
Voltage regulation in battery mode 220 V ac
Mains mode frequency Same As Input
Battery mode frequency 50 Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency ≥82 %
LED display indications Mains ON(RED); Charging On Mains(RED); Charging On Solar(GREEN); Solar + Grid Charging (YELLOW); Inverter Mode (GREEN); Battery Low(YELLOW); Overload/Short Circuit(YELLOW)
LCD display parameter Battery Voltage; 1/P Voltage; I/P Frequency; O/P Voltage; Grid Charging Current; Solar Voltage; Solar Charging Current; Solar Units Saved KWH(up to 999.9Units); Grid Priority/Solar Priority; Load %; Over Load; Battery Low;


Overload 100% Load – Buzzer Indication > 100% – Load Trips & Inverter Retries 4 times before shutdown
Output  short circuit Circuit Breaker On Mains, Shutdown on Inverter
Battery  reverse production Fuse
Low  battery Load Disconnection
Surge Protected upto 4KV Surge
Solar Reverse Blocking Diode is provided to Prevent reverse  flow of current

Priority setting

Grid priority Battery is charged from solar+ grid,  grid charging start only when solar current is less than set value, it will shift to inverter mode  when battery is full charge from solar.
Solar.Priority battery is charged only  from solar, when battery is completely discharge and  Solar is not available then only it will connect to grid and shared charging is activated till battery is full.


Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Relative  humidity 0 – 95%


  • Pure sine wave inverter with 82% peak efficiency
  • In-built solar charge controller
  • Solar.Priority
  • Advanced monitoring software included
  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances
  • Auto restart function and cold start functions
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power
  • Advanced charging algorithm for improved battery performance

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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