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Eastman 5KVA MPPT Solar Off Grid PCU Price Specification

Eastman 5KVA MPPT Solar Off Grid PCU Price Specification

Eastman’s advanced MPPT technology based  Solar Off-Grid PCU has been manufactured in India using world class technology platform and processes. It is a single integrated system with an inbuilt solar charge controller, inverter and grid charger. This  unique hybrid system provides intelligent mixing of grid current with solar in case of solar energy shortfall during cloudy days for maximum solar utilization. The advanced MPPT technology extracts maximum power from the solar panel array giving highest tracking efficiency of >98%. Eastman’s  Solar MPPT based PCU is best suited for residential homes and small commercial establishments.


Model No. ESM5K/96
PCU VA 5000


Technology DSP Based MPPT Charger
Solar Array Single Array
Max Solar Panel Wattage 5kWp
Input DC Voltage Range (V) 144-360
Bulk Voltage 116.8V (Settable from 108V-120V)
Adjustable Bulk Voltage User Settable
Transition from float to bulk Below float level
Protection Pv Reverse Protection, Reverse Current Flow, High Temperature, Over Current,

Battery Overcharge Protection

Power Conversion Efficiency of Solar Charge Controller 96%
Automatic Temperature compensation (Optional) -3mV/ °C/ cell
High Temperature Cut-OFF PCU/ MPPT 102°C ± 5°C
High Temperature MPPT Charger Reconnect 85°C ± 5°C


Nominal I/P DC Voltage (V) 96
Low Battery Warning (V) 46.4±0.8
Low Battery Cut off (V) 84±0.8


Waveform Pure Sinewave
Voltage Regulation (From min. to max. battery voltage

& no load to full load) (V)

195 – 220
Frequency Regulation 50 Hz±1Hz
Peak Efficiency of Inverter 89%
Overload Capacity (IT Load Selection) 110% for 60Sec. & 150% for 30Sec. & 200% for 2Sec.
Overload Capacity (Normal Load Selection) 120% for 60Sec.(3 Retry) & 150% for 30Sec.(3 Retry) & 200% for 2Sec.(No Retry)
Distortion (vTHD) <3%
Crest factor 3:01
Short Circuit Protection Provided
No load Shutdown (W) 15 – 20


LCD Display Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Discharging Current, Battery Low/High, Battery Charging Unit (kWh) , Battery Discharging Unit (kWh), Solar Voltage,
Solar Current, Solar Instantaneous Power, Solar Commutative Energy Unit (kWh), Grid Voltage,
Grid Current, Grid Commutative Power (kWh),
Grid Instantaneous Power, Grid Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Current, Cumulative Output Power(kWh), Output Instantaneous Power, Output Frequency
LED Indications System On, Inverter On, Solar Charging On, Grid Charging On, Battery Low/high, Over Load/Heat, Mains Low/high/freq. out, Fault, MPPT Over Heat.
User.Configurable.Parameters through front end LCD display Battery Low Shutdown, Battery High Cut, Battery Charging Voltage by Solar, Battery Charging Current by Solar, Battery Charging Voltage by Grid, Battery Charging Current by Grid, IT Mode/Normal Mode, Grid Charging Enable/Disable, Operating Modes (PCU, Smart, Hybrid), No Load Shutdown, Input Source (Grid/Genset Mode)
Change over time from Mains to PCU/PCU to Mains <10ms
Grid I/P Voltage range Default (IT load) 255V-175V
Grid I/P Voltage range Default (Normal load) 280V-120V
Grid Charging Current Default 12A (Settable from 8A-20A)
Cooling Fan cooling
Charging Current Sharing Solar on priority, in case solar current is less, shortfall will be

taken from grid

Grid Charge Current Enable/Disable Provided
Night Grid Priority Available in Smart Mode


  • Advanced MPPT technology ensures upto 30% more energy extraction from Solar panel as compared to PWM based technology
  • Hybrid/PCU/Smart selection mode for high/medium/low power cut areas
  • Pure sine-wave output
  • Advanced DSP based technology LCD Screen for user convenience. User configurable parameters through front end wide screen LCD display
  • Faster change over time to run IT appliances without interruption
  • Grid bypass switch for running connected load in case of system failure
  • Extra safety protections through MCB/fuse Intelligent mixing of Grid current with solar
    in case of solar energy shortfall during cloudy days
  • Highest efficiency in its class
  • Built-in energy meter for Mains, Battery, Solar and Load
  • Temperature compensated (ATC) charging to enhance performance and life of battery upto 30%
  • USB/Ethernet based data logging with data storage facility
  • Grid charging Enable/Disable. No load shut down Enable/Disable IT Mode Enable/Disable.

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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