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Eastman EGP1800 24V Solar Off Grid PCU Price Specifications

Eastman EGP1800 24V Solar Off Grid PCU Price Specifications

Eastman self-sustaining PMW PCU has been manufactured by using world-class technology platform and process as an efficient solution for areas struggling with frequent power cuts. It can be used for domestic, industrial and other events. It provides clean energy for residential and industrial areas without any residual effect. It has a self-adjustable setting which provides superlative performance in all weather conditions. It has profound mixing of grid current with solar in case of solar energy insufficiency during cloudy days. It consists an inverter, solar charge controller, AC charger and remote control (optional).

Eastman Off-Grid PWM PCU is superb for installation in petrol pumps, gas stations, schools, commercial, and residential applications. How Does It Work : In Solar Off-grid PWM PCU, when the sun rays hit on the solar panel, it leads to the generation of DC power which converted usable AC power for the functioning of the connected appliances. The surplus DC power is secured in the battery in case of power cut. The solar charger controller which is inbuilt insure appropriate battery charging and restrain the reverse flow of current to the solar panel. PWM means Pulse Width Modulation which is used as one method of float charging. It sends out a series of short charging pulse to the battery- a very rapid “on-off” switch. The controller continually checks the condition of the battery.

Eastman EGP1800  Specifications

Model No EGP1800
Capacity 1500 VA
Operating DC Voltage 24V
Switching Element Mosfet
Charger Topology Boost Mosfet

Parameters (Grid)

Default Value Variable Range
Nominal Grid Voltage 230V
Battery Low Buzzer 10.8V Battery Low Cut +0.3V
Battery Low Cut 10.5V 10V-11.5V
Battery High Cut 16.5V 16.5V-17.5V
SPV Charging Voltage (Boost) SMF/TUB 13.7V / 15V 13.5V-14.5V / 14.2V-15.5V
SPV Charging Voltage (Float) SMF/TUB 13.7V / 14.2V 13.5V-13.7V / 13.8V-14.5V
Grid Charging Voltage (Boost) SMF/TUB 13.5V / 14.5V NA / 13.8V-15V
Grid Charging Voltage (Float) SMF/TUB 13.5V / 13.8V NA / 13V-14.2V
Grid Charging Voltage (Equalize) After 30 Days NA
Grid Charging Current 12A / 15A 5A – 20A
Grid Reconnect @ Battery Voltage 11.8 V 11V – 12V
Grid Low Cut Voltage IT Mode Enable / Disable 170V±10V / 100V±10V
Grid Low Cut Recovery IT Mode Enable / Disable 180V±10V / 110V±10V
Grid High Cut Voltage IT Mode Enable / Disable 265V±10V / 290V±10V
Grid High Cut Recovery IT Mode Enable / Disable 255V±10V / 280V±10V
Changeover (Batt. to Mains) IT Mode Enable/Disable <5ms
Changeover (Mains to Batt.) IT Mode Enable/Disable <12ms

Parameters (Inverter)

Output Phase 1 Phase
Nominal.Output.Voltage 220V±8%
Max. Output Current 4.3A
Nominal Frequency 50Hz±1%
Output Waveform Sinewave
Typical Efficiency ≥85%
Voltage Harmonic <3% (Linear Load)
Over Load Capacity IT Mode Disable : – >110% 3Time Auto Reset, 4th Time Shut Down. Note : 1HP Motor Load Run for 15min in 2050 & 2550 Model.
IT Mode Enable : >110% 1st Time Shut Down
>150% Output Goes Down
Motor 1HP NA
Protection Overload, Battery Low, Battery High, Output Short Ckt., Battery Reverse,Over Heat, Over frequency, Under Frequency, SPV High.
LED Indication System ON, (IT Mode, SMF/TUB, Boost Chg., DG Mode, Grid Chg.) Enable/Disable
Switches Reset for System ON/OFF, UP, Down, Back, Enter(For LCD Calibration)
Display Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Grid Voltage, Grid Frequency, Output Voltage, Output

Frequency, Load%, Battery Graph, Overheat, SPV Current, Working Mode(HYB/PCU/SMT).

Parameters (Solar)

Switching Element Mosfet
Controller Yes
Type of Charger PWM
Efficiency ≥95%
Solar Current MIN. >3A (Below 3A, System will act like Solar Absent)
Solar Current MAX. 50A
Input Voltage Range (Min – Max)Voc 31V-45V
Maximum PV Power Recommended (315W/320W/325W) x 4

Parameters (Environment)

Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Cooling Fan
Max. Relative Humidity @25°C (non Condensing) 95%
Noise @ 1meter 50dB
Standard Compliance IP20
Weight (kg) 15
Dimension L x W x H(mm) 300x265x165


• High Speed Micro Controller based Solar Home UPS.
• Built in Solar Charge Controller.
• Multi-colour LCD Display.
• Freq.:- Available – 50Hz & 60Hz.
• Charging Multi Stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float).
• Solar Priority of load & battery charging.
• Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
• Pure sine wave output.
• Protections : RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
• Compatible with DG as an Input Source.
• Compatible with IT Load.
• Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.
• Priority Selection – PCU, Smart & Hybrid for Saving Energy and Money.

Note : Specification are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvement in design & technology. 

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