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Livfast Solar Inverter LFS SO2250 Price Specification

Livfast Solar Inverter LFS SO2250 Price Specification

Livfast Solar Hybrid UPS provides power from solar battery and grid as per the load profile. It has the highest rated solar charge controller which extracts maximum power from solar modules and reduces electricity bills.Solar Hybrid UPS with inbuilt Real Time Clock for providing the optimum performance of the Solar inverter for Maximum Power Saving.

Sine wave output for safety of your sensitive appliances and distortion-less operations.Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retrial facility.

Solar PCU

Model Name LFS SO2250
System Rating 2000 VA
Nominal Battery Voltage (Vdc) 24V
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Switching Element Mosfet

Solar Panel Input

Technology PWM
Charge Controller Rating (Amps.) 50A
Maximum Solar Panel (Wp) 1600 Watt
Input voltage range (Vmp) 36V
Maximum input voltage (Voc) 44V

Grid Input

Input Supply 230 V
Nominal Input Range 90-290 V
Operating voltage range (UPS Mode) 180 V – 270 V
Operating voltage range (INV Mode) 90 V – 290 V


No Load Output 225 ± 7V
Output Frequency Battery Mode 50 ± 1Hz
No Load Current (UPS Switch Off)  200mA


Battery Charging through Mains + Solar Mains – 20 A
Solar – 50A
Battery Charging through Solar (default) 40 A
Low battery indication 10.8 ± 0.2 V
Solar optimation after battery fully charged If solar power full – Load handling by solar, battery charging by solar.
If solar power full – Load handling by solar + battery.

Overload, Protection, LCD Display & User Interface

 Overload.Shutdown.Indication Display overload & alarm
Overload pre-alarm indication Display overload with load% & alarm
Overload Capacity 120% load running at 30 sec
Protection Thermal Trip, Over load with %, Short circuit, Battery Low, PV Reverse, Fuse Trip
LCD Display Mains voltage/Output Voltage, Battery voltage, Load (%), Battery Low, Solar KWh LCD Display Solar current on load, Solar charging current, Overload with (%), PV reverse,
Short Circuit
User Interface Battery Boost voltage, Battery low cut voltage, Max. Grid charging current,
Max. Solar charging current


  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Technology 
  • In-built intelligence RTC to maximize solar energy utilization.
  • Optimized solar energy utilization based on localized power situation
    Fast Battery Charging 
  • In-built 50A solar charge controller Charges the battery in short time
    Safety & Protection
  • In-built human, panel, & battery protections
  • Over voltage/current protection in bypass mode
    User Friendly LCD Display
  • Easy to operate, in-built interactive LCD display indicates alarm & system status including solar generation
    UPS Mode
  • Suitable for computer load as well as areas with low voltage
    Pure Sine Wave
  • Noiseless operations & long life of electrical appliances

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm Before Purchasing.

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