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Luminous NXG 1800 Solar Inverter Price In India

Luminous NXG 1800 Solar Inverter Price In India

Solar Hybrid UPS with inbuilt charge controllers are perfect choice for harnessing solar powers from panels to drive your household electrical loads. If you are looking for small inverter that can run you home load upto 1200 watt then Luminous NXG 1800 best choice for you . You can connect upto 1000 watt solar panel on it .You will need 1 battery for this inverter .In this inverter you will get PWM solar charge controller with 40Amp/24V rating.

The NXG Solar UPS can run on two modes – UPS and ECO mode. UPS mode should be selected when the user wants to run computers. In the UPS mode, the system switches to battery backup if the mains voltage drops below 180 V.If there are long power cuts in your area, you can use the i-charge fast charging mode for charging batteries in a short time when grid power is available. Note that when i-Charge is switched ON, Power saver mode is deactivated and the ups takes higher charging current from the grid. To activate this mode, use the i-charge ON/OFF switch at the back.

Model Name NXG 1100
Capacity (VA) 1500 VA
Nominal Battery Voltage (Vdc) 24 V
Output Waveform Sine Wave

Solar Panel Input

Charge Controller Type PWM
Charge Controller Rating 40 A / 24V
Maximum PV Power 1000 W
Input Voltage range (Voc) 38-50
Input Voltage range (Vmp) 34-39

Grid Input

Operating Voltage Range 100V – 290V

Grid Output

No Load Output 220±10V
Output frequency battery mode 50Hz±0.5Hz
No load current (UPS switch off) < 65mA
UPS efficiency ≥ 85%*


Battery charging through Mains Mains LED steady + Mains charge LED steady
Battery charging through Mains + Solar Mains LED steady+Mains charge LED steady+solar CHG LED steady/Blinking
Battery charging through Solar Solar CHG LED Blinking + Mains charge LED OFF
Low battery pre-alarm indication Battery low LED blinking
Solar optimization after battery fully charged ON mains+power save LED on+ON battery LED on+solar charge LED blinking


Over load 110% – 150% for 30 Sec. , 150%-180% for 10 Sec.
 Short Circuit 200%- Short circuit
Overload shutdown indication in UPS mode Overload LED steady
Overload pre-alarm indication in UPS mode Overload LED slow blinking
Short circuit indication in UPS mode Overload LED fast blinking
Protections Short circuit, overload, high temperature, battery low cut off
Indications Indications
Additional features Switch on, Battery Charging;mains, solar, mains+solar; Overload, Short circuit, i-charge#

Display Indications

Switch on indication Switch LED ON
UPS on indication Battery LED ON
Internal fault Service assistance LED on
Mains on indication Mains LED steady
Mains charging current selection charge 10A (i-Chg OFF)/15A (i-Chg ON)
DC overload indication (Mains LED+overload) blinking


Net weight (Kg) 15.6 Kg
Gross weight (Kg) 16.93 Kg
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 375X315X135


  • Intelligent Solar Optimization Technology – Maximizes use of solar energy, charges from mains when required, saves 3-5 units per day.
  • Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency.
  • Inbuilt charge controller for fast charging of batteries on solar.
  • Battery type selector to configure charging currents as per connected battery.

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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