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Nexus 2.5 KVA MPPT Solar PCU Price Specifications

Nexus 2.5 KVA MPPT Solar PCU Price Specifications

Nexus MPPT inverters are easy to install, highly efficient and have a sleek artistic design. The auto-features make sure that the inverter automatically switches to solar & battery mode as soon as there is a power cut, while during the day time solar powers your home load to provide you maximum savings.

Nexus MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverters are particularly suitable for locations where there is low solar irradiation. For such locations, Nexus MPPT inverters can generate up to 30% more power than our standard Nexus Solar Hybrid Inverters.


Model 2.5 Kva
Operating DC Voltage 24 V

SPV Parameters

SPV Open Circuit Voltage Range (Min-Max) 36-90 V
Max SPV Power 2 Kw
Compatible SPV Panels 36/60/72 Cell

MPPT Based Charge Controller

Switching Element IGBT Module
Controller DSP
Efficiency >95 %
Battery Charging Stages Soft-start, Boost, Absorption, Float, Equalize


Low Cut Off 10.5  V ±  2 %
Low Cut Off Recovery 11.5  V ±  2 %
Low Buzzer 10.7  V ±  2 %
High Cut Off 15.5  V ±  2 %
High Cut Off Recovery 15  V ±  2 %
Boost Charging Volt by SPV(TUB) 14.5  V ±  2 %
Boost Charging Volt by Grid (TUB) 14  V ±  2 %
Charging Current by Grid 10 A ±  2 %
No Load Battery Current 0.02 %


Output@ No load 230V ±  2 %
Output Frequency 50 Hz ±  2 %
Load 1600 W / 7 Amp
Output Low Retry 1 Time
Output Short Circuit 1 Time


No of Phase 1 Phase – 3 Wire P, N, E
Voltage Range (Inverter Mode) 100V – 280 V ±  2 %
Voltage Range(UPS Mode) 175 – 255 V  ±  2 %
Frequency Range 45 – 55 Hz ±  2 %

Display Parameters

Output Inverter Voltage, Current, Power and Frequency
Input Grid Voltage and Frequency
Solar Voltage, Current, Power and Energy
Battery Voltage, Current
Status/ Faults Inverter Status, Maine Status, Charger Status, Solar Status and Battery Status/Charging Stages


Switching.Element MOSFET
Output voltage 230 ±  2 %
Phase 1 Phase – 3 Wire P, N, E
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Frequency 50 Hz ±  2 %
Changeover (Mains to Inverter) <10 mc
Output Power Factor 0.8 Pf
Overload Retry 3 Times
Switches System ON/OFF, Mode Selection: Hybrid / PCU / Smart, INV /UPS Selection
Indication (LED) Inverter On, Mains In Range, Battery Low/High, Charger On, Overload, Faults
Alarm (Audible) Battery Low, Overload, Charger On, Inverter On, Solar Charger On
Protection Overload, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage, SPV Surge and Transient protection (MOV Varistors), Reverse Polarity of Battery, Over temperature Protection, Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection
Cooling Forced Air cooling{Temp Controlled)


Communication Remote Monitoring System (Over GPRS / BLE and Wifi) or RS232
Operating Temp 0-50 °C
Operating Humidity 95 %
Protection class IP20
Dimension (LXWXH) 510 X 460 X 205
Weight 31.5 kg


  • Big Data Big Display
  • Built-in Energy Meter
  • Maximized Solar Usage through Intelligent modes.
  • 40% less panel required than other PCUS
  • RS-232 (Industrial Standard MODBUS)
  • Incorporated with Microchip and ST DSP Engines
  • Safety and Protections
  • IGBT based design and Fast Charging
  • Wide range MPPT Input
  • 6 Stage Battery Charging
  • Multiple Battery Selection
  • Sleek & Aesthetic design
  • Works as standalone Solar Inverter in case of No-Grid

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm Before Purchasing.

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