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Madan Verma Staff asked 2 weeks ago

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Madan Verma Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The price of a Waaree Mono Perc Solar Panel can vary depending on the specific model, the quantity you are purchasing, and the location. However, on average, the price of a Waaree Mono Perc Solar Panel ranges from Rs.34 to Rs.38 per watt.
It’s important to note that these prices are just rough estimations and it’s best to consult with a local Waaree solar panel supplier or a solar panel installer for an accurate quote. The cost of a solar panel system is not only determined by the equipment, but also by the installation and maintenance costs, which can vary widely depending on the location, company and the complexity of the installation.

  • Waaree Solar Panel 330W Price is Rs.10214
  • Waaree Solar Panel 335W Price is Rs.10315
  • Waaree Solar Panel 370W Price is Rs.10917
  • Waaree Solar Panel 380W Price is Rs.11216
  • Waaree Solar Panel 3Kw Price is Rs.33214
  • Waaree Solar Panel 400 Watt Price is Rs.15214
  • Waaree Solar Panel 445 Watt Price is Rs.16214
  • Waaree Super 400 Price is Rs.15214
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