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Smarten Bravo 2500va Inverter Price Specification

Smarten Bravo 2500va Inverter Price Specification

The technically advanced BRAVO Home UPS operates on mains and supplies power while charging the battery when Mains supply is available. In case of a power outage, Bravo transfers the entire load to its optimally charged battery and supplies high quality AC power.

Apart from the highest quality components and engineering, what makes Bravo special is the inbuilt stabilizer and charger. With Bravo there is no need to purchase an additional voltage stabilizer, or a charger for charge recovery in case the battery is exhausted. This is why it is becoming the most popular sine-wave UPS in the market.


Model Name Bravo 2500
Mains AC low cut UPS mode 175VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC low cut recovery UPS mode 185VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC high cut UPS mode 265VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC high cut recovery UPS mode 255VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC low cut WUPS mode 90VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC low cut recovery WUPS mode 110VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC high cut WUPS mode 295VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC high cut recovery WUPS mode 285VAC ± 10VAC
Input Frequency Range 40Hz to 60Hz


Battery Type LA / Tubular / SMF
DC input voltage 12V
Battery deep Discharge Recovery Yes (Independent Charger to Recover Deep Discharge Battery)
Charging Current 100Ah-135Ah Setting (Input range 135VAC to 295VAC) 12A ± 1A
Charging Current 150Ah-220Ah Setting (Input range 135VAC to 295VAC) 15A ± 1A
Boost charging voltage for LA Battery 14.0V±0.2V
Boost charging voltage for Tubular and SMF Battery 14.2V±0.2V

Backup Mode

Output voltage 220VAC +5% -10% (untill battery low alarm)
Output frequency 50Hz ± 0.2 Hz
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Capacity 2500 VA
Low Battery Warning 11V±0.2V
Low Battery Cut 10.6V±0.2V
Change over time UPS mode < 10msec
Change over time WUPS mode < 25msec


Overload /Short Ckt. in backup mode Available
Backfeed System will shutdown in case of backfeed and there is no retry
Over temperature Available
Reverse Battery Available
Phase to Phase protection in mains mode Available

Display and Alarms

LCD Status Display Mains ON, Input -Voltage/ Frequency, Battery -Voltage/Charging/Charged, UPS ON-OFF, Load,Output Voltage etc and all fault messages
Buzzer Audible beep for  all protections


Operating Temperature 0° C To 50° C
Storage Temperature 0° C To 50° C
Operating Relative Humidity 90% Non-Condensing

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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