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UTL MSCC 24040 MPPT Solar Charge Controller Price

UTL MSCC 24040 MPPT Solar Charge Controller Price

The Solar charge controller based on rMPPT technology . The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also provides load control to prevent over-discharge of the battery. Extra power gathered from the modules is then made accessible as increased battery charge current. With rMPPT innovation the charge efficiency can be expanded by up to 30%, reducing the size of the array required and saving on installation costs .

Adding Solar PV is the logical way to extend the back up hours and reduce electricity bills- but must be done the right way. Add too little PV Watts-the Solar addition does not really serve the purpose of long back up. Size up your day time loads and add at least enough Solar PV to take care of day time loads. However, here is the nub, if you add enough Solar PV to take care of day time loads, the power available from the PV panels can exceed the safe charge rate to the batteries. The charge rate to the Lead acid batteries MUST be limited to 10-15% of the battery AH and UTL does this while providing sufficient power to the loads.


Model UTL MSCC 24040
Technology MPPT/PWM
Precise Control Micro Controller Based
Switching Device IGBT
Efficiency >95%

Solar Panel

Recommended Panel 36-Cells, 60-Cells, 72-Cells
Max Panel Support 10000 W
Panel Max VOC 450 V
Operating Range 340V-449V
Low Cut 192V±1V
Low Cut Recovery 272V±1V


Nominal Voltage 240 V
Charging Current 40 A
Bulk/Boost Voltage 290V±1V
Absorption Voltage 288V±1V
Float/Trickel 270V±1V
Equalize Voltage 330V±1V
Equalize Period 28 Days


Over Charging Current Yes
Over Charging Voltage Yes
SPV Reverse Polarity Yes
Battery Reverse Polarity Yes
Output Short Circuit Yes
Overload Yes
Reverse Current Flow at Night Yes
Lightning/Surge Protection Yes


Cabinet Type Metallic
Cabinet Dimension, L x W x H 135X130X75 (mm)
Weight 0.55 Kg
Cabinet Color Gray
Placement Horizontal / Indoor


Operation Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to 70°C
Max. Relative Humidity (Non Conditioning) 5% to 95%
Ingress Protection IP-20

When the energy from the Solar panels are servicing the loads or when both the sources of energy (Solar and Grid through the Inverter) are charging the batteries, the charge current to the batteries can be higher than what is safe for the batteries. With its unique NET CURRENT to battery monitoring and control  MPPT ensures that the charge rate to the batteries is maintained at all times within its safe limits, preventing premature failure of the batteries.


  • Save Money with UTL rMPPT Technology.
  • Protection from Battery Over Voltage and Current.
  • Protection from load short circuit to keep your system safe in lower rating.
  • Multiple charging stages to maintain battery gravity.
  • Remove build-up sulphate to increase battery life.
  • Run DC Load with UTL Solar Charge Controller in lower rating only.
  • Protection from reverse flow of current from battery to panel.
  • Lightening and surge protections.

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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