V-Guard Smart 1100 Inverter Price in India

V-Guard Smart 1100 Inverter Price in India

Here’s a product that is as smart as it could get. All you need is a smart phone and you can operate this stunning device smartly. Make use of the exclusive app that comes with the Smart 1100 and take over the control of your inverter by switching it on and off, controlling the performance levels and analysing the battery usage. No matter if you have to run high intensity appliances like iron boxes, toasters, grinders, hair dryers or coffee makers, the Smart 1100 holds it all.

Then, when during summer times when you can expect longer power cuts, you can simply make use of the Turbo charge feature of this device and charge the battery very quickly. To add even more merit, you are able to operate your smart phone and shift the power to the inverter from the mains during emergency power fluctuations. Then comes the very special feature whereby you can turn on the Holiday Mode and save power along with maintaining the health of your battery even when you are not at home.


Brand V-Guard
Model Number Smart 1100
USB Charging Port Yes
Warranty 1 year onsite warranty and free installation
Type Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Mode Type Smart Inverter, Controlled by App
Material 32 Bit DSC Based Design
Solar Power Compatible No

Output Features

Efficiency 85% %
Output Voltage 240V +/- 5VAC
Output Frequency 240 V

Input Features

Input Voltage 90V to 290V `
Input Frequency 50 HZ


Know battery usage and other info : You can know the battery back up time to plan your load usage with details like battery percentage, load percentage and more, using the app.

Run high-intensity appliances : Use Appliance Mode on the app to run high-intensity appliances like iron, coffee maker, grinder, toaster/roti maker, hair dryer and more for short spurts of time up to 15 minutes.

Mute annoying beeps and buzzers : You can mute your Inverter through the app so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary buzzers during power back up and restoration

Save energy using holiday mode : Going on a vacation? Switch to holiday mode. It will ensure saving of power and will also ensure maintenance of your battery in healthy condition while you holiday without a bother.

Turn on/off from your phone : The Smart Inverter syncs to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Just download the app from play store scan the QR code on the packaging and register your device. Now the power is in your hands. You can turn your Inverter on or off using the phone.

Control performance levels : Change the power output from your Inverter at any time using a convenient performance tracker on the app. With this you can run your fans faster or alternately plan for longer back up based on your need.

Override mains during voltage dips : Combat voltage fluctuations by cutting off power supply from the mains and letting your Inverter take over, all using just the app.

Supercharge to save time : Expecting long power cuts during summer? Use Turbo Charge for faster charging of battery and ensure longer back up during emergency situations.

Complaint registration : Now logging in to complain and getting immediate remedial solutions is also easy & effortless. Just log in a complaint with a single touch on the mobile app. V-Guard offers continued Post-Sales Technical Assistance for the Smart Inverter ensuring prompt resolution of functional and connectivity issues remotely without the Service Engineer even visiting your house.

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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