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Eastman 850VA PWM Solar Inverter Price Specification

Eastman 850VA PWM Solar Inverter Price Specification

Eastman offers a wide range of Off-Grid PWM based Solar PCU manufactured in India using world class technology platform and processes. Eastman’s Off-Grid PWM PCU is a powerful integrated machine consisting of an inverter, solar charge controller, AC charger and remote control (optional]. These smart Solar PCU’s are developed on advanced DSP based technology that makes them perfect for areas affected with frequent power cuts.

It provides operational flexibility to its users to enjoy the benefits of advanced monitoring and control features. The series adjusts itself to provide maximum performance in all weather conditions. It provides intelligent mixing of grid current with solar in case of solar energy shortfall during cloudy days. Eastman’s Off-Grid PWM PCU is perfect for installing in residential homes and commercial establishments.


  • Charge Sharing from Solar & Grid
  • Works as a Normal inverter if solar panels are not installed
  • User Settable Modes – HC & Low Charging
  • Grid Charging Enable Disable


Model No. ESP850/12
Capacity 850 VA

In-built Solar Charge Controller

Maximum Input PV Voltage 25 V
Max Solar panel Wattage Upto 750 Wp
Battery Charging Current Imax. [From Solar + Grid] 20 AMP
Protection Dver Current, Battery Dver Charge, PV Reverse Polarity, Reverse Current Flow
Display Type LCD Display

Voltage Limits (UPS Mode)

Mains A.C. Low Cut 180±10V
Mains A.C. Low Cut Recovery 190±10V
Mains A.C. High Cut 265±10V
Mains A.C. High Cut Recovery 255±10V

Voltage Limits (Normal Mode]

Mains A.C. Low Cut 180±10V
Mains A.C. Low Cut Recovery 110±10V
Mains A.C. High Cut 280±10V
Mains A.C. High Cut Recovery 270±10V

AC Mains Made

Grid Input Range (UPS MOOE) 180+10V – 265±10V
Grid Input Range (Normal MODE] 100+10V – 280±10V
Grid charging current [TUB, FL, GEL, SMF]/HI 16A/14A/16A/14A
Grid charging current (TUB, FL, GEL, SMF]/LO 12A/10A/10A/10A
Boost Voltage (TUB, FL, GEL, SMF) 14.4V/14.2V/14.2V/14.E+0.1V
Float Voltage (TUB, FL, GEL, SMF] 13.BV/13.6V/13.BV/13.B+0.1V
Change over time Normal Mode (Mains – PCU) +40ms
Change over time Normal Mode (PCU – Mains] +10ms
Change over time UPS Mode

(Mains – PCU/PCU – Mains]


Backup Mode [Solar Power Available/ Not Available]

Output Voltage Regulation (AC] [From Min. to Max. Battery voltage & No Load to Full Load) 180V – 220V
Nominal Input Batter voltage (DC) 12V
Battery Low Voltage warning 10.8V±0.1V
Battery Law Voltage Cut 10.5V±0.1V
Load Reconnect Voltage 12.7±0.1V
Short Circuit Protection Provided
Dver Load Protection (125%) 6Sec.
Dver Load Protection (15O%) 2Sec.
Dver Temp. Protection Through Cooling Fan


  • Pure sinewave output
  • Advanced DSP based Technology LCD screen for user convenience
    Intelligent Mixing of Grid Current with Solar in Case of Solar Energy Short fall During Cloudy Days
  • Solar Energy Usage always on first Priority
  • Highest efficiency in its class
  • Can Work As Normal Inverter If Solar Panels are not Installed
  • Completely Safe : Overload,Protection,ShortCircuit Protection,Battery & PV Reverse Connection Protection

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