Odin 180 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price

Odin 180 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price

Odin Monocrystalline cells are a slice cut from a single crystal of silicon. In appearance , these panels have a smooth texture and thickness of the slice is clearly visible. The cells are expensive to produce. Odin solar panel is made of A grade black silicon cells to generate electricity from sun. The cells are made of superior quality silicon which gives higher efficiency up to 17.66 % and also performs better in low light.


Electrical Data : All Data refers to STC (1000W/m2, AM1.5G, 25°C)

Power Max in watts (Nominal) 180W
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp) 19.60 V
Current at Maximum Power (Imp) 9.18 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 24.10 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.67 A
Module Efficiency 18.18 %
Max. Rated Current Series (Fuse Rating) 15 A
No’s of Solar Cell per Module 36 Cell
Length x Width x Height (in mm) 1490 X 665 X 35

STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temperature, AM1.5G spectrum according to EN 60904-3 Average relative efficiency reduction of < 5% at 200W/m2 according to EN 60904-1

Electrical Parameters at NOCT

Peak Power Pmax (Wp) 133.50 W
Maximum Power Voltage V@Pmax 17.90 V
Maximum Power Current I@Pmax 7.44 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 22.40 V
Short Circuit Current Isc 7.87 A

NOCT irradiance 800 W/m2, ambient temperature 20°C, wind speed 1 m/sec

Temperature Coefficients (Tc)

Tc of Open Circuit Voltage (β) -0.31%/°C ±0.02
Tc of Short Circuit Current (α) -0.57%/°C ±0.01
Tc of Power (γ) -0.41%/°C ±0.02
NOCT 45±2°C
Temperature Range -40°C to +85 °C
Maximum System Voltage 1000 V DC
Limiting Reverse Current (Ir) 15.0 A

Mechanical Data

Junction Box IP 65 rated with Bypass diodes
Application Class Class A (Safety class II )
Substrate (Glass) 3.2 mm High transmission low iron tempered glass
Solar cells & Orientation Mono Crystalline Solar Cells
Cells Encapsulant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate )- FC/UFC
Back Sheet Composite film – White
Frame Silver Anodized aluminum frame with twin wall profile
Mechanical Load Test Sustain Heavy wind & snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa or 550 Kg/m2
Maximum diameter of 24 mm with Hail impact of 83 Km/h

Warranty And Certifications

Performance Warranty** Linear Power Warranty for 25 years, 90% for 10 years and 80% for 25 years
Approvals and certificates Products: IEC 61215:2005 – Ed 2, IEC 61730- Ed. 1 & Ed.2 IEC 61701, IEC 62804, MNRE, UL, 06 : 14286

** Refer to Insolation energy warranty documents for terms and conditions.

**Specifications included in this datasheet are subject to change without notice, Electrical data without guarantee . Please confirm your requirement with the company representative while placing your order.

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