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Vispra Star 3 Kva PWM Solar PCU Price Specifications

Vispra Star 3 Kva PWM Solar PCU Price Specifications

Vispra Star PMW PCU has been manufactured by using world-class technology platform and process as an efficient solution for areas struggling with frequent power cuts. It can be used for domestic, industrial and other events. It provides clean energy for residential and industrial areas without any residual effect.

It has a self-adjustable setting which provides superlative performance in all weather conditions. It has profound mixing of grid current with solar in case of solar energy insufficiency during cloudy days. It consists an inverter, solar charge controller, AC charger and remote control (optional). Vispra Star Off-Grid PWM PCU is superb for installation in petrol pumps, gas stations, schools, commercial, and residential applications.


Model Star 3000 Va
Capacity (VA/Watt) 3000 Va / 2400 w
Battery VDC 48 V
Max Panel Capacity 2400 W
Charge Controller Amps 50 A
Output Voltage 230 Vac
Selectable Mode UPS Mode / Wide Mode


Acceptable Voltage Range 180~ 260 V (UPS Mode) / 120 ~ 290 V (Wide Mode)
Frequency 47 Hz ~ 53 Hz
Low Voltage Transfer 180 V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 120 V ± 5V (Wide Mode)
Low Voltage Return 190 V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 130 V ± 5V (Wide Mode)
High Voltage Transfer 260 V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 290 V ± 5V (Wide Mode)
High Voltage Return 250 V ± 5V  (UPS Mode) / 283 V ± 5V (Wide Mode)


Voltage Regulation Mains Mode Same as input
Voltage Regulation Battery Mode 220 V
Frequency Regulation Mains Mode Same as input
Frequency Regulation Battery Mode 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Power Factor 0.8
Waveform Pure Sine wave
Efficiency 65 – 92%
Overload Protection Line Mode Fuse
Overload Protection Battery Mode 110% ~ 120 % for 10 sec
Short Ckt. Protection Line Mode Fuse
Short Ckt. Protection Battery Mode Electronic Shutdown

Solar Inverter Hybrid Mode

With both mains power present and solar present (power Save mode) Battery Fully charged Automatic Change over to Backup mode and runs on Solar, if solar not sufficient excess is taken from the battery until battery discharge below 11.95v.
Battery discharge below 11.95 volts Returns to mains utility power and charges the battery using only solar. When again

the battery is fully charged – repeats above function.

With Mains power present and Solar Absent Returns to mains utility power and charges battery using Mains utility power

Solar Charger

Solar Prefer mode (with mode Switch TOP) Only charges through solar when solar present, if Solar absent then charges through Utility power (charging LED glow continuous)
Dual Mode (with mode switch Down) Charges both from Mains utility power and Solar (charging LED blink)

LED Display

Solar IN, Mains ON, Inverter ON, Charged / Charging, Battery Low, Over Load, Over Temperature, Inverter Fault, Phase reversal , Short Circuit
LCD Display* Specific Models Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Battery Voltage, Load, Solar Voltage, Solar Amps, Solar KW

Protection Features

Audible Alarm Battery High/Low/ Bad, Phase reverse, Overload, Short circuit, Output Bad & Over Temperature
Protection Battery Low/ Hight/Over charge, Overload, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Phase reverse / Battery reverse – DC fuse fails on PCB


  • DSP micro controller based design
  • UPS is capable of running standalone on solar power
  • Can be used as a normal inverter until solar panel connection
  • Can operate on both solar and grid power
  • UPS always gives preference to solar power
  • Robust design – 20 years design life
  • Compliance to international standards
  • Rugged design and engineering for continuous use
  • Automatic changeover on power failure and resumption
  • Multi functional LED indicator and sound alarm
  • PC interface & web based software monitoring*
  • Smart overload sensor with auto reset
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • LED / LCD digital display*
  • No load auto shutdown

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm  Before Purchasing.

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